"If you want to love somebody, love today, do not leave for tomorrow. If you want to leave the pursuit of happiness, get out today, do not leave for tomorrow. If someone wants to declare, declare it today, do not leave for tomorrow. Because tomorrow may be too late to seek happiness, to declare to the beloved, enjoy every demonstration of affection, friendship, and all existing feelings in this world. Do not leave anything for later, because later may not come."

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↳ under the cut you will find apporximately 500 small/medium gifs of barbara palvin. i created this mostly for personal use which is why more recent gifs will be at the top. none of these gifs are mine, so the credit goes to the rightful owners. i apologize for any repeats, frozen gifs and for any possible grey boxes. please like or reblog if you’ve found this useful or helpful in any way.


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Love is all around us.